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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Are The Details You Need To Take Care of Coats

man coat

1.Pocket design - according to practical requirements, there are three dimensions inside the bags, pockets, open pocket and other composites. Accordance with the requirements of the professional toolkit is convenient to place a variety of hand tools, the structure of the bag was open like it should work to avoid blur, hanging or falling debris. More flap pocket at all, or rivet or zipper, but taken to the convenience of the tool must be taken into account in the design. The business group logo, text, logos usually in a folder in the breast pocket embodies. Beijing t-shirts
2. Design Hem - Hem professional tools because of the nature of the work environment must be set Elastic pumping or tightened to avoid objects in the environment, equipment, work clothes hanging, pull. Businesswoman long staff serving meals Chin apparel industry and hem skirt, width, surface with objects placed according to their place of business space consisting of moderate design.3. Sleeveless design - Sleeveless design refers to the length of the sleeves, too fat, and the form of sleeves to determine the type of work, and occupational characteristics. Clothing equipment installation, sleeves should not be too short, too thin, in order to facilitate the completion of the climb, climbing, throwing and other union action, if necessary, in addition to living joints of the arms folded sleeves. Clothing industry concomitant restoration sleeves should not be too long, too big, not to cause problems in the service. Fists of professional tools are generally of two types: pressure and loop adjustable travel, the main role is anti-bacterial, anti-fouling. Still jeannette as required the addition of an identification bracelet or pocket. Beijing should work clothing
4. Collar design - company design neck wear. The collar has the form of a necklace, standing fold, without neck and neck flap. Necklace in practice, the design should be based on professional characteristics. Work clothes, such as mining, construction and other work intensity and vulnerability to the impacts of climate change and harmful substances, neck flap that legislation is often used. To choose expanded rib knit collar touch to improve on the neck, especially in the collar on the neck of the effects, the design of the identification of the neck often a different color, different material inlay symbol embodies combat identification and wear decorative. This costume, the design can become a necklace Leis uniform industry professionals. Another link, bow tie, tie and outer ring with the collar type wind is closely related, which can not be ignored in the design.
5. The design of the opening - the opening in most man coat predecessors and changes directly affect necklace. Ming pane leg, paw and black buttons, zippers divided. Ming placket, decorative paper. However, the design of protective clothing, generally hook-shaped flap black paw Ming stumbled avoid work involved. In a special atmosphere, such as electricity and workplace keep banning the use of zippers, metal buttons. In addition, the flap door flap after flap, which is determined according to the nature of the work object. The other opening is right paw paw songs oblique flap flap ride changes. In terms of frame leg, curbs, crafts embroidery luxury class services to the clothing industry (uniforms, restaurant), the commonly used method of dressing

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