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Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Clean Your Knitwear

Knitwear a single product essential for men in winter and fall, can not only keep warm, but also can be used to increase the sense of depth to create stylish attire. Over time, you may notice that the number of knitwear closet increased; no matter what your budget can buy high-quality knitwear, and most will become timeless and closet can reuse The must-have item.

The knit material "luxury" cleaning be careful
Today, you can buy knitwear everywhere ─ ─ down to £ 19 Uniqlo Merino wool sweater, Gucci 100% lambs wool sweater on to more than 500 pounds. However, this also means that you as how to take care of these "luxury" to worry about. Do not mistake! Is referred to as a "luxury" not because it is a ridiculously high price, but because of its natural materials "luxury". If you accidentally put the H & M T-shirt to the the 40-50 degrees laundry mode, it is still very good. But if a Merino sweater, it will never be destroyed. Knitted clothes need to be particularly careful when cleaning. Cleaning knitwear is not only able to save money, but also to keep you well-shaped image. The wrong washing methods make clothing deformed shrinking or damage. Any consequences will ruin your overall shape. Although everyone should know not frequently washing knitwear, as it will make it deformed, but this does not mean that can make the sweater exudes the taste of carrion. Whether Ralph Lauren or Hugo Boss, if filled with soot, it will completely obliterate your style.
Knitwear total gives a soft, warm and comfortable feeling. The correct washing knitted clothing can extend its wear life to let these feelings stay longer-it dressed the longer, more worth every penny.
You should prepare these in advance
Laundry tub: It should be large enough to be easily washed or rotary clothes; a small laundry basin will force you to wring clothes ─ ─ do not recommend this practice.
Detergent / laundry soap: in general, should choose a mild detergent or laundry soap to wash knitwear. Most large supermarkets dedicated to knitwear cleaners.
Towels: for drying, at least two large towels.

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