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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maintenance of Mens Shoes

Men's shoes reflects the wearer's fashion taste. A lot of people select the shoes but they do not know how to correctly maintain the footwear, and now there are several ways for you to care for your love shoes.
Maintenance Benefits
To bear the brunt of the image of man,a pair of shoes is without wiping and make the overall mix of clothing instantly eclipsed. In fact, when you meet the people, the first thing you see is the other side of the face, the second is the foot. How can you let the shoes into the image of penalty points 'culprit'? Secondly, about the life of the shoes. High quality shoes in proper maintenance can be used for decades; Even from Burton, Topman High Street brand footwear, you can extend the useful life after maintenance. Come back for shoes polish, wipe, make the leather softer, wearing more fit, so keep your mood.
The maintenance steps shoes is also based on evidence and a little practice can be familiar with the operation. Can be divided into the following steps:
1 preparation phase: Prepare an appropriate size shoe last, waste newspaper bunched up into soft is OK. Propped up leather upper, wiping more convenient, and more effort. But also the upper folds stretch to make the shoes look more beautiful. With shoe polish, shoe wax wipe with a soft cloth uppers dust clean to prevent dust and shoe polish mixed, leaving stains. In addition, according to personal habits, it may be appropriate to use a dedicated leather care cream, which would effectively extend the service life of the footwear. Leather maintenance cream can be used once every two weeks.
2 glazing: with a brush or a soft cloth dampened with about a dollar coin size shoe wax, starting from the front portion of the shoe, slowly back with part of the circle, soft ground light evenly, with special attention to avoid the decorative parts. The brush is relatively easy to use and can guarantee the shoes corner, crevice brush to. Recommend polishing footwear dry night wear.
3 Wipe: shoe wax to dry, with another branch brush or soft cloth, use the same tactics circle wipe clean the excess upper shoe wax, until the uppers gloss degree that you are satisfied.

One pair of well-maintenance shoes will give you the overall shape to add luster to pay attention to such details, it is for men to care for their own performance, and the others of your admiration Oh. Finally, put your love shoes, briskly walk around it!

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