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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Features of Professional Apparels

 bespoke suit
Simplicity should be the basic style of the office bespoke suit. Simple first performance of the elements involved in the shape of less, but not be said to be simple, but also a connotation. This requirement is actually low. To this end, the designer should clothing thrown refined, usually structure decorated, changes in practice. Create structural beauty in simple shapes have to be faithful to use the image of the structure, the decoration should focus on the practical effect. Princess line is an example of both closing the waist, to play a structural sense, and that two beautiful arc aesthetic pleasure. So complex liner and lining did not, embroidery and lace are greatly simplified. Tianjin wear various dividing lines and structure lines are combined contour according to the natural shape of the human body becomes relatively straight. The final performance for the simplicity and elegance of pure tones.

Orthodox Basic office suit. Which clothing varieties will have an office suite such orthodox, so meticulous. Because the work environment needs orthodoxy, the image in the white-collar work needs to be orthodox, so easy to get the confidence of others, their own work and have confidence. To this end, the office suite is not the shape of the bells and whistles, but only with the rules, symmetrical structure Tianjin wear mature color habits, such as blue and gray tones, dark coffee hue; new processes, new materials generally not used in the first in this area. Office suite easily be regarded as a classic.
Rigorous profession, this career clothing should be rigorous, which is the same strain also called Biaoliruyi. Strict performance of the office suite: wear a symmetrical structure fit the scale, crisp cloth; formal wear - clothes buttons is not casually simply want to buckle on the buckle, for Solution solution, skirt, long stockings do not want to wear to wear, and would like to take off on off.
Office suite can also be very gorgeous, but relative to the evening dress, this gorgeous and not exaggerated and highly elaborate, and only performance in color and texture, such as pearl gray, wine red color, smooth, soft fabric.
Some pure office custom suit  like Japanese school uniforms. Now the white-collar workers who are young, well-educated, have a good professional and foreign language foundation, but the mind is not very complicated, and very interested in fashion. Such as Kazakhstan Korea , is their favorite, sought after. Businesses to seize this opportunity, so we see a pure office suite, a new generation of white-collar workers saw this costume dress up, they staid while passionate, dynamic and efficient.
Coordination is the overall sense, it is pooled from the shape, color, fabric and other factors selected after a whole. Specific operation is a "commanding", an entry point, up by those it will detail "string", such as using the same color, the same texture or the same contour commanding a costume detail at the contrast also need to take friends in "the same".

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