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Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Use the Cufflinks

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Gentleman comprehensive the costumes guidelines manual, the the gentleman guidelines will provide you with detailed costumes knowledge, including shirts, custom suits, ties, cufflinks, etc. Well, today as we elaborate cufflinks how we want to help.
Basic men's clothing is a shirt main accessory items with relatively affect the overall appearance of personal and interpersonal extension. The writer Eileen Chang once said: men's cufflinks like woman delicate earrings, a timely parts cufflinks for your fashion dress extra points.
Cufflinks tips
1. The simple shapes cufflinks of metal material, appeared calm, with strong, but relatively law-abiding, suitable for low-key and reserved man. Of course, if you are a novice, afraid fumbled regarded as trustworthy cufflinks.
Heavyset men should avoid modeling small fine cufflinks, the outline slightly larger shape would appear to be more atmospheric. Conversely, small slim physique men choose cufflinks fine shape better.
Hollow carved cufflinks inlaid with colored stones are more suitable for outgoing and lively men. Strange shapes, strange cufflinks are not generally men preferred more suitable willing unconventional sportsman.
4 If you have delicate skin, then polished shiny handmade cufflinks are preferred. Conversely, if your skin is rough and dull, slightly rough cufflinks can highlight the masculine.

Cufflinks occasions
Office of the occasion: a white shirt with a transparent color or dark blue cufflinks, tie suggested the use of a dark blue or black, will produce credible feeling.
Competitive occasion: thick straight dark blue striped shirt with a metallic finish cufflinks, tie optional dark lines, easy to manufacture convince people of the effect.
Party occasions: pink dress shirt with dark lines cufflinks, with Oxford wind diagonal striped tie, relaxing, casual feel.
Joyous occasions: pink shirt with metal color cufflinks, tie optional light purple two-tone row can allow himself even more limitless energy.
Important occasion: gray shirt with silver cufflinks with satin monochrome tie, Shen Wen noble, also the image of a plus-effective.


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