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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dress Etiquette:Man should't Wear the Suit That Way

The tailored suit seventh of doing one-third in wear. Selection and matching of the suit is quite an art. Wearing a suit is to reflect the temperament and image, some people do not know how to choose and match and often taboo guilty self-defeating. Here to talk about the suit should not be worn:
The suit of errors worn: ill-fitting suit
Wear a suit to reflect the image and temperament, the most taboo is not fit, especially once stressed that the big shoulder pads, loose lines of the suit, so many men mistakenly thought to wear in order to make it from the man's posture. People wear clothes Sleeve and clothes generally three to five centimeters long, there will be a sloppy feel in this suit. Part of young people, blindly emphasized Slim, thin and small, to warp away from the dress, and is not suitable for formal occasions with this. A suit to wear decent, the most important condition is "fit". Fit the premise, the proportion of the overall face shape, height and shoulder width, elect a suitable clothing of their body, is the first element of wearing a suit. With the emergence of such suits custom shop like Yardoo TLR., People began to bid farewell to the ill-fitting garments suit.
The suit wear error method: pocket placed too many articles
The smooth lines to suit the requirements, so long as it is protruding beyond the smooth part, are the biggest culprit of the damage suit shape, the most common is the pocket to place too many items. Fact suits, including pants pocket, all designed in the outside pocket is just a decoration, can really place objects only West tops chest pocket. Therefore, a new suit pocket sealing line, in fact, does not need to removed. Some people often put things in West tops external pocket, in fact, this is very rude.
Suit errors wear method: suit jacket worn alone
Overall, the suit must complete sets of wear, suits coat not as a jacket to wear, especially the double-breasted jacket. Can generally be used as a jacket to match, which is commonly known as "hunting suit tops American usage called" sport coat "casual jacket, the United Kingdom known as the" jacket "suit coat. These models are usually textured coarse material, most of the brands are designed with these one-piece jacket matching pants, but the style definitely seems relaxed than the complete sets of suits, compared with a sense of leisure.
Suit with the taboo, there often appear short-sleeved shirt with a suit errors. Generally, a suit which should be used with a long-sleeved shirt. The shirt of choice, there are a few important details, such as a shirt and tie should have a stiff collar and have enough bow tie collar desk space. In general, suitable shirt and tie are more formal self on the collar position at the leading edge inward about 0.5 cm Ji white stitching, if the spacing is small, casual style shirt that is biased.
Suit to wear error method: dissonant socks
Wear a suit because there are certain guidelines, so wear better than to wear casual clothes is easier, but many people although a great suit, but lost in a pair of match misconduct socks. First thing to be stressed is that, in a suit and wearing socks is a continuation of the pants to the shoes, but it is certainly worthy of a prominent position in the overall shape of the socks material is also should be noted that, in addition to the We all know that the White Sox taboo, 's. The custom suit is supposed to be meticulous shape, fabrics and workmanship, this reasoning should be reflected in the socks on. Generally men most commonly wear casual socks coarse grain, color coordination, but still do not match with suits.

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