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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basic Knowledge of Suits

men suits

1.The Color
Three kinds of colors,white, black, beige are called "wild colors". That is to say, then choosing these colors to collocate can not go wrong. Men's dress color should be dark lines. Though,light-colored custom suit gives a clean, fresh, stylish impression, the collocation of light-colored suit is a very test of skill. The first to note, light-colored suit can not collocate with the same color shirts and ties it should be different between inside and outside color. Second, the light-colored suit is difficult to correct size, try to choose a striped fabric to elongate vision. Finally, remember that formal business activities, it is best to choose a dark suit, bright light-colored suit will be difficult to obtain the trust of the boss or client.
2.Shoulder Line
Whether the suit fits depends on the shoulder lin and the bottom line of the suit.The reasonable position should be in the connecting area.Today, most of the suits are built-in shoulder pads, the shoulder line should be longer than the shoulder pads, the hem of the suit should be long .
Every man needs to have a pair of classic shoes to match the suit, it makes you perform well on any occasion, of course, never ignore the value of socks. Black silk socks is a perfect choice for a gentlemen to match their suits, but don’t forget that the socks should be shank-length to avoid embarrassment of revealing socks edge.
Whatever your job is a suitable briefcase is your invisible card.To most men,Having a textured briefcase is basic.To pick the color of the briefcase,classic black and brown should be given priority to,because they are easy to match with other items.However,dont use tiny briefcase if you are fat ,for that people make feel that you are petty.On the contrary ,tiny shape people should not be with a big briefcase.
5.Ties And Shirts
The collocation of dress shirts and ties is a scholarship.a white shirt is suitable for every man for nay occasion as well never out of fashion.So,it is necessary for every man prepare a changeable white shirt which makes a good effect collocating with any color ties.The rule of collocation should be concise.Don`t try to create something new and original,if you are not confident in your collocation taste.You never know you unique taste may make what kind of people dislike.The collocation of shirts and ties to a certain extent reflects the level of sophistication of your interaction with others. Each professional man should at least have a white or light blue shirt collar buttoned. In tie, at least a plain dark blue or wine red tie is for daytime use, there should be a silk damask tie or pure black tie when you are ready to attend a formal dinner instead of the use of the cravat.

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