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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How the Dress Shoes Comes From

The culture stems from European gentleman dress shoes, had harsh provisions: three joints during the day with morning dress to wear shoes with two joints evening dress to wear bright shoes or special dress shoes, musicals shoes. The rural casual shoes and sports shoes is another paradigm. Today, etiquette habits slightly loose. First two joints shoes also be accepted the day wearing, served as a of rural leisure or golf shoes the dovetail carved style, also be included in the scope of dress shoes, a little quiet sense for the gentlemen. However, even with these changes, so far, other styles of shoes have not yet been included in the demanding gentleman dress shoes norms.
Unfortunately, in the domestic menswear companies do not understand the culture of Europe, it is often regarded as a so-called "business casual shoes dress shoes recommended to consumers. Today, let us through the Shi family to understand the real dress shoes.
The most traditional and most formal style dress shoes is a three-connector models, which is not too much carved decoration style look solemn conservative, almost gentleman essential shoes. Two joints was seen as evening shoes, now can be used for non-patent leather style dress, with the same habits and three joints. As the origin of the various gentleman once rural casual shoes, as well as golf and other sports shoes, dovetail carved now also been included in the gentleman daytime dress shoes as well. Although the two connector styles, evening dress shoes must be patent leather, a grand sense of gorgeous sheen with small dress occasions. Shiny black patent leather, shallow mouth style, vamp decorated with bows, this is the night the official formal dress: a tuxedo special shoes.

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