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Monday, February 18, 2013

Professional Features:Comply with the Working Surroundings

dress shirt

Personality style
If you are working in large corporations, advertising agencies or management departments, the choice of dress shirt, you can highlight the personality doing the article. If you want to choose a style with stripes, stripes not so wide pinstripe style will be more decent.
Foreign companies
Select outstanding personal taste and style, giving the overall feeling is both elegant and not blindly follow popular. Need to pay special attention to the trademarks of the clothing is too obvious, even longer noble things will lower your grade.
Advertising, design, publicity and other industries,
Engaged in these industries, the most important thing is to highlight their personality, so you say, should pay special attention to. But even so, too exaggerated form will still reduce your image in the eyes of others. The dress focus is select a jacket, tie or shirt, as the bright spot is enough.
Beyond your opponent: the use of the vest make you look more professional
A man to take off his jacket in the office, wearing a vest, his shirt, undoubtedly will leave a clean impression, with a pocket on the vest will be very convenient, a vest either do the basic warm you can also enhance the image of your body and can also be modified to some extent, in the choice of vests, with particular attention to the vest's size (or select custom as well, so that can be tailored according to their body, wearing relatively fit), the vest not absolutely consistent and upper body, but slightly shorter (the vest behind group will have a hasp to adjust the width tight) and less confining not wear the vest exposing man shirt is appropriate bottom vest buttoned the Department is not the basic principle.

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