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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Vest and Suit

Three piece suit e as suas utilidadesThree piece suit and their utilities
First of all, a story: once the suit consisted of trousers, jacket and vest, all in the same pattern - color and fabric - hence the name suit (3 thingies standardized joints). Pants and jacket in the same fabric and color without vests were known as customs. One day the vest was abolished, but the name just revenge and getting even with only a duo, so suit today also goes for pants and jacket combo only.
Didatismos aside, let's get to it: the vest worn ground and sportingly and as part of a "suit" is still booming. And as you can see above it can be used with or without a tie (the latter more informal, stripped and always with his shirt open at the neck area), in a fabric that blend in but harmonizes with the pants and jacket and last but not least, gives even to use it with a good jeans (the "James Bond" can, why not you, duh?). And saw how he did? Used the contrast of the top super formal with informal totally in skin jeans and a tailpiece formal feet, only to not target too. A bolted ground. There is not a look that will work for everyone, but if you have what it takes ... why not? And of course weddings or formal events are not certain occasions to test this look, is not it? Think less and more modestly giving foot.
Another thing to say, use the vest as part of his bespoke suits can be a way to differentiate themselves from the caravan suits that surround it. And on one occasion that requires certain formality can give a charm and an air of sophistication extras. This look does not need to be used with ties skinnys and despite being classic walks with a modern face ... And it can even give you an opening to use your single-breasted jacket, open even in transit, showcasing the vest, but this properly buttoned (the last button up and down buttons do not, remember?). If it is a jacket (double-breasted) ... there does not not!
If pumping the point of using all pass and you're the type who likes to distort the looks of the moment and to be different from everyone, wait for him to return to the yard and use it fashion. Until then, go without her. But if you want to ride the wave and feel a Brad Pitt without Angelina ... use and abuse your good friend, the vest. And in several occasions.
Incidentally, fofoquinha: it seems that lately Mr. Pitt has used much the new "designer" Male wonderful Tom Ford. So no one will notice the Angelina ...

Brad Pitt sporting his and his wife Angelina 

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