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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to dress well in an interview?

As the question may seem trivial compared to the challenge of a job interview, yet the question of the look remains a major challenge when you see someone for the first time.
Obviously your skills to the position applied for will be the main criteria for choosing a custom suits  (hopefully for you) but do not forget that it is an opinion of a person in the first 30 seconds .

So put the odds on his side and addressing maintenance in the best way it is.

How do you dress for a job interview?

First rules of conduct:
It should fit the box and the position for which we postulate. Thus, the suit man notes the intangible variable for 90% of attempted CDI. In banking, insurance, audit and overall all the wind and tertiary areas, opt for a suit and tie.

It should however keep in mind that in some companies, wearing a tie, even to the fateful day of the interview, done gently smiling employees, particularly in the most creative professions (advertising, web agency ...).

In the absence of information, always favor the custom made suits and tie. It is better dressed than not enough!

Second rule: sobriety
Unless you are applying for a position as Creative Director at Dior Homme, choose sobriety and mostly ignore the signs too ostentatious (brands, accessories ...)

The perfect costume:

     white shirt with classic collar, cut in a beautiful cloth. No rafters but poplin or oxford discreet necessarily long-sleeved
     The  cheap custom suits must always be a dark color, black or dark gray, but the pinstripes are allowed.

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