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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Solid White Handkerchiefs - Linen and Cotton
Perhaps the most classic dress handkerchief is the solid white square, made of linen or cotton. Depending on the chosen fold, it may be lightly starched to provide body. The white square is acceptable for almost any ensemble but looks particularly good with dark, conservative suits where its crisp clean appearance is most pronounced.
Silk Handkerchiefs
Silk squares are what a gentleman is most likely to encounter in the department store; many have dozens of options on display. These handkerchiefs come in nearly every color and pattern imaginable, and offer far more opportunity to make a bold and distinctive statement. By the same token, these are also the handkerchiefs that produce much of the stress associated with wearing a square, as the variety of colors and patterns presents what can seem a daunting choice. One particular detail to note when choosing a silk square are hand-rolled edges; these are a sign of quality and attention to detail and should be present on a well-made square.

Remember when selecting the type of fabric for a dress handkerchief, the fabric of the jacket and tie should be considered. Mix silk squares with heavier tie fabrics, and more textured handkerchiefs with smooth ties is an excellent way to add contrast, while silk squares against a rough jacket like tweed is particularly distinctive. Wool suits, the most common option, are equally at home with linen or silk, as are silk ties – indeed, the variety of patterns available in silk may require a silk square for some ensembles.

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