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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Suit and sneakers | Dress Paired with Social?

Many men have sought comfort and style in this mix custom suits with sneakers. We observed many celebrities opting for this style and it will comment below.
Bruno Mazzeo and its "customization". Via Gustavo Sarti
By tradition, we know that the use of the jacket and pants set featuring a tailored suit, falls in the category of Social Attire. Using Social Attire, as previously discussed in other posts, is properly suited for meetings, celebrations and special occasions which is required more formal tone of its participants. If the clothing was given this, it is necessary first of all to respect the request of the party's hosts and not dispense with the use of shoe that can be both social and pointy as rounded.

Logically, the use of tennis mischaracterizes automatically Dress Code, and what was once Attire Social, will be renamed Smart Casual. This new style, more informal and not usable on the same occasions as the previous combinations allow much broader in the category "Customization" costumes. Even with the use of tennis.
Since the notable differences between the two styles, it is correct to say that:

Social Attire is characterized by social and suit and shoe is a style adopted for special occasions.
If invited to an event in your invitation stating: "Evening Social" is essential to respect the Dress Code and use the costume above.
Smart Casual is characterized by a little more informality which, using Blazer, jeans and tennis shoes (or shoes of the very social) are released.
Dress appropriately with Smart Casual, who will go to: art exhibitions, more formal lunches, conferences, theater and events that start in the late afternoon.
To end this post reaffirm that the use of shoes not descaracterizará your user from the moment that this is in accordance with the standards cited by little. Otherwise the appearance of this production will be poor in harmony production and transmit the feeling that "something did not fit."

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