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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A good plan for your costumes

My position is that I have a certain elegance (at least I try ...) so I'm a big consumer of bespoke suit .Quickly when it suits you buy a brand strives for originality, quality and a whole bunch of other reasons. So I tried a lot: Kenzo, Boss, Paul Smith, Olivier Strelli, Armani ... and then one day I discovered Smuggler. I knew because their garment factory is Limoges and then they asked us to redesign their website and so I had the opportunity to really understand how they work and learn about their products.They have a unique marketing and sales concept, excellent product quality and customer service at the top level. Of course I do not say here because they are customers in any bias ... I invite you to discover if you are looking for great costumes French manufacturing at very reasonable prices.
Returning customer experience.

First thing, Smuggler offers half-measure cheap custom suits, basically they take your measurements and adjust the cut to your body. Once we tried the half-measure one can not imagine ironing ready-to-wear. Yeah, everyone is a victim of a few anatomical disgrace, me for example, I have the longest or the left shoulder lower arms I know not but result with a traditional costume right arm two inches, my handle is too long on one side ...Second thing, you can fully customize your costume, choose the lining, the number of pockets, type of fly (very important), the type of buttonhole stitching or not ... So your costume is unique! Third, once your actions, no more endless fittings (and here it is for us men ...), you go to the store you choose your fabric and hop production is launched. The choice of fabric is limitless and they give you real advice.

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