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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Color of Socks

Should match what? In a modern way and the general rule of thumb is: socks should be seen as a continuation of his pants. Therefore, it should always be the exact shade of the pants, or sometimes may lean toward a darker tone up. With that you get a continuous visual line and elegant waist to your shoes, otherwise it stops at the ankle that is not an area that should be noticed, let it be.

As for the custom made suits she lets you coordinate with the half pants or the shoes or sneakers if you want. Or in some cases (sports always order), the white can be used to track your gym shoes or bermudinha / sports pants. Or, look at some supersports with sneakers (and jeans, for example), especially if the shoes in question have "something" in it white. There valley.

These above tips fit better in my book preference.

There is still a current fashionista allowing combined with half the shoe. So it is not wrong to assert this. For example, following the logic of this current, if your custom suits is dark gray or navy, you can coordinate the color of the half with the color of the shoe, which should be a black or brown.

But anyway, is up to you to choose the path, because all the options were correct, fashion wise.

On another hand, it is clear that there are exceptions to every rule and subversions that can go very right for example, echo the color of the tie in half. If the tie is maroon, can have a "note" in the middle of Burgundy. And there's also those with lozenges (having a background color of pants or shoes) that depending on your style might even make a good boss. But there is fashionable and advanced the type that works for everyone. Stay on 101 same fashion.


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