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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Kind Of Occasion Wear What Suits

tailored suit

tailored suit

tailored suit

Make Use of the flexibility to Get the Points in Key Occasions
Lots of men pay attention when wearing a suit,such as perfect match, not to make elegant drop points, today let us to chat with a suit chromatography, take a look at what kind of occasion wear what suits.

● dark lines authoritative and solemn
Dark colors tailored suit most professional magnanimity and sense of authority, for large enterprises, the company culture and dress requirements. Formal meeting for the first time to meet with key customers, dark blue, dark gray, khaki, black, always unconventional colors such as burgundy, yellow, and green. Dark blue, gray suit will create for you a dry refining the image; deep dark gray with gray also seems to carry more weight than a light gray suit.

● tan color amiable
Gives people the warm intimacy of the brown color, it is suitable for the important but not a solemn occasion, or the need to ease the atmosphere, such as staff , semi-formal group breakfast will be reported as a regular customer pick-up, to appease employees, lawyers and clients The first time we met.

● tint recreational sports
The pale bespoke suit the image of "excellent bad" Features wearing to pay special attention to the material, cut, fit, quality and match to create the image of the "excellent". The general situation of the white suit is not suitable for work wear, but it is suitable for the performing arts industry, creative industries, and general dinner

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