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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Italian dinner suit

An Italian dinner suit , handmade or otherwise, is a cautious effort. Even in some cases where a computer teams up with a tailor to make a suit, there is that added flair that only comes from information gained during decades of tradition. Mainly of the Italian men's tailoring house are family run, and that occasionally makes a lot of variation. Each Italian suit creator has its own secrets to quality which it guards enviously, much like an Italian nonna with her cherished recipes.

All tailored suit manufacturers, irrespective of the part of the earth they are from, need to esteem quality. But for an Italian suit creator, this sartorial respect borders on veneration. An Italian tailor seek to hide all the wearer's flaw, and to make him look thin, stylish, big, even if god did not precisely make him that way. The armholes are advanced, the shape is sleeker, and the garment warily proportioned to progress the wearer's appearance. Starting from the placement of the waist to the width of the lapel and the cut of the choker, every facet of the suit is tailored to cajole and hide at the same time.

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