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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Introduction Of Briefcase

The briefcase is a simple small box. According to legend, the earliest use for lawyers to present its case file containing used, so there is the meaning of the "briefing" (presentation). If the prototype back in history, purses found in 18th century Britain, when people in order to ensure the smoothness of the paper, made of iron plates sandwiched page, but the weight is too inconvenient to carry, saddle craftsmen whim, whichever saddle leather alternatives (which is the leather hardcover origin). By the 19th century, this leather briefcases have evolved from the widely popular, hand-drawing is issued Scroll of 1860 depicts Lincoln constitutional history, men in the hands of the bag, as much as crocodile leather frog mouth package folder from the bag and the tin book style, and now modern lady bags, no way inferior.
In 1920, with the French fashion industry as well as the development of the leather industry in Italy, contemporary briefcase came into being, its design is very functional, is divided into three layers, layer used to place the file paper layer used to place replacement shirt, and finally a layer of a food, is actually a narrow version of the suitcase, so occasionally the briefcase can see some people still plugged into a baguette. During World War II, the briefcase of German officers is is their clothing Tinggua. The same period, the European campus, students, school bags portable briefcase style, used to hold textbooks. In the 1950s, the post-war economic recovery, the men went out to feed their families, a lot of clerical work briefcase basic formation of a scale of manpower, glancing your hand carry the briefcase, you know you is to take office .

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