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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Identify The Good And Bad Of The Shirt

In the version of the type of tailored shirt, fit is the most important. Wearing the appropriate version of the type will make people look very spirit. Version of form-fitting, must be decent, upright. Best to select the version developed for Chinese adult men shape shaped so that it emphasized the waist, emphasizing the curve.

tailored shirt

The sophisticated technology of course, is the basis of the achievement of a good shirt. For exquisite craftsmanship, emphasize details. Such as dress shirts needle tracks to be fine, needle distance of more than 3 cm and 22-pin is the most high-end, which is the process of European high-end shirt one of the signs. , High-end shirt usually with detachable collar bar (also called the collar stays), both long-term to ensure a collar-shaped, and convenient washing and maintenance, which is a high-end shirt logo. For the the buttonhole thread of processing, but also spent a lot of time to deal with. This is the pursuit of the perfect sophisticated technology. Sewing lines to be neat, solid, flat service; elastic fit upper and lower thread take, break ups and downs of the needle should be back at the needle; collar flat clothing, collar surface elastic fit, not anti-Alice, not bubble sleeves, sleeve head suture site pocket fully clothed piece uniform, smooth, no skew. Fabric stitching pattern patterns must naturally docking, almost can not see the stitching traces, otherwise it will look unnatural.

tailored shirt

While consumers see less than "lining", but in fact, "lining directly determine the most important shirt collar and sleeves, (cuff buttons hard part - sleeve head.) Quality dress shirt is therefore directly determines the quality of shirt. "Lining" as the bones of the shirt, from the shape of the shirt foil and landscaping shirts either prevent deformation, but also can simplify the sewing process. "Lining" bonding within the two layers of fabric, so can not see from the outside "liner". Shirts hanging side the placket also used "lining. Good "lining wear-resistant, not easily deformed, even after repeated washing, it will not fold deformation. Interlining from Germany KUFNER (horse). Collar surface and cuff, placket places no blistering, no deformation.

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