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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeans:A Necessity For Men

For most men, the most beloved men pants than jeans. This is probably connected with the man's "lazy" somewhat related, imagine if the trousers dirty little wrinkle that does not fit a little bit, not became migrant Look; jeans if dirty and wrinkled, crotch also straight out, dear , which in the past two years can be an absolute superstar Look! Man, there is no reason not to love jeans? Moreover, its compatibility is so good, that is, use it with a suit and Chinese-style jacket, accidentally became mixed wear wind leading wave
Foundation with:
Sports shoes - adidas, NIKE, NEW, BAL-ANCE brand-name sports shoes originally developed for sports such as basketball. Today it is an integral part of the jeans and clothing. However, jeans and sports shoes and T-shirts with the most "insignificant", only selected ordinary jeans on a detail or models can be extraordinary.
High shoes - and a few years ago, young people wearing high shoes more and more HOWK INS and other name brand shoes especially welcome. Addition to wear with high shoes, elastic high shoes and so many styles. Initially for the job or hiking with the production of high shoes are not suitable for all jeans, what kind of high shoes and what style of jeans a good fit, still have to personally put a try!
T-shirts - blue jeans with a white T-shirt can be described as the most "orthodox" with wins in the young and energetic. Famous T-shirt, perhaps the most attention Hanes products. Pick a size smaller Hanes T-shirt, doused with boiling water, to make it more narrow until the wear on the body a little too tight. Coupled with straight-type jeans, very chic.
Suit jacket - suit jacket and wearing a plaid dress shirt, and then tied the tie, with straight jeans for the best. Suit jacket, shirt and tie and be careful. Optional three button suit jacket style, to appear casual. Coat not wear a shirt and accompanied by a T-shirt.
Denim shirt, denim shirt - white jeans with a white T-shirt, the wear natural color, is a decent match. Blue jeans, of course, can do with a blue denim shirt, just denim trousers to match, you should pay attention to the color of underwear up and down, that should choose the shirt and trousers of the same degree of fading.

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