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Friday, August 30, 2013

The refinement of braided blazer

If any man's wardrobe worthy of the name must have at least one blazer, the presence of a braided pattern sign choosing a refined esthete. If several houses offer this classic piece to their catalog, the Hartwood model is a perfect combination of quality fabrics, manufacturing quality and price.
The fabric used here is a braided wool Loro Piana navy blue 320gr . , Fabric half- season even if its thick enough grain suggests a higher weight. In fact, if the hand conveys a sense of luxury , the fabric is not heavy , and allows the production of lightweight parts to wear.
The cut is a three buttons at the American " two three ", the top buttons disappearing in the back. We note at the back two slots back to 27 cm: a more than respectable length, which contributes to the elegant silhouette of the whole.
Inside Hartwood offers a lovely purple satin lining Bimberg , moise enhanced by framing treated ( two main inside pockets + ticket pocket + pen pocket , perfect seams) : all this breathes heavily tailor culture.
Later in detail, let us note the presence of two chest clips that are part of the slim fit - which is already significant with 7 drop out , is adaptable to the client's request . Offering also provides a measure Hartwood refuses from drops on too pronounced for its ready- to-wear, easy to conceive that everyone , everyone can not wear a marked drop. in thedetail always be mentioned Milanese hand , generous piping that complement the pocket flaps ( with no less than 6 mm, the jacket they give an impression of wealth) and demilunes that complete them.
By choosing to go semi- Neapolitan rather narrow shoulders , the Parisian house is the choice of a fraction that the wearervalue : This option gives ultimately a slender and structured , which is ultimately what most of us expect from a general clothes and a garment in particular.
Ultimately , the beautiful braided wool , purple satin lining , quality construction , quality finishes and the cup clearly designed to put one wearing the blazer value , contributefinally give it is offered at a price between three and four times lower than the one of the most prestigious would practice for such a jacket houses especially attractive piece. An absolutely stunning blazer, we will with the same happiness so casual with jeans and a T -shirt or dressed up with a more classic trousers and a shirt or a small turtleneck . A truly faultless .

This fall, dare fancy, choose the costume man choco!

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