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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Small measure

Tailors offering services using small measure a predefined pattern that fit the measurements of their client, like the industrial half-measure bespoke suit . Only the manufacturing process differs, since small measure involves an entirely craft project.

The great measure (bespoke)

Connoisseurs see in bespoke technical and aesthetic ideal, insofar as the experienced apiƩceur (craftsman cutter which entrusts the attainment of the jacket) goes low word 50 hours working on a single piece. It will sting hand thousands of points, use a dozen unique materials (including horsehair), and will use a heavy iron to give shape to suit.

His work made ​​entirely by hand, you will have a unique costume, perennial, achieved through the energy and the patience of a repository of rare and precious crafts.

Unlike the half-measure, cheap custom suits draws a large ad hoc boss for his client. This patronage, the client can see a copy is unique and allows the inclusion of all the morphological characteristics of the latter. After the fabric has been cut along the lines of the pattern, a new fitting is required, each fabric "falling" differently, depending on its weight and its properties.

It has only twenty specialized in large measure to Paris tailors. These include Gabriel Gonzalez, Smalto, Cifonelli, Lanvin, Camps de Luca, Arnys or Guilson. A more detailed list can be found on this page.

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