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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to basics with Cover Square

The cover remains since its consecration in 1950 and 1960, the ultimate accessory for the ultimate elegant man. Characteristic of business men, bankers and actors, pocket Square has rekindled the spirit with class and vintage fashion gentlemen in this pocket.Costumes: Back to basics with Cover Square

bespoke suitsToday it would be inconceivable even for a married not to wear this piece on the big day! This fashion accessory is inherent in costume, otherwise the dress would be a bewildering banality and would not have the same value. With its success, pocket Square has had the honor of dressing people like Jamel Debouze or the Jo Brothers, demonstrating its expertise in the field. Initiator of this great fashion pocket square has done justice to the cover of suit by offering a wide variety of chic bags and upscale, with a wide range of patterns and colors, playing on classic and sober colors given to tastes of the day. One can find reasons peas, prince of wales, tartan, camouflage, paisley, houndstooth, plaid or madras uni ...
To better guide you pocket Square brings his wisest advice on folding and choices required to adopt by distributing its collections in the form of topics such as: Trendy, Chic, and in the Secret Pocket. A collection Mad Men look very offbeat which is also among all pockets our biggest heart stroke. So be it men in the prime of life or young men, they can easily find a wallet worthy of their allure. As the fineness of pocket is divine whether flax in itself, cotton, or wool, the variety of materials you can grant your blazer pocket or even your jacket. We particularly appreciate the puns associated with the names of each bag as the cover, Who Killed Bill? That transcribes well the atmosphere of the film which refers wallet.
Cover Square ignores the time to bring the traditions and classics that have forged the charisma of great men. Impossible not to succumb to these manufactured in France and Italy and comes in lovely gift boxes all taped and wrapped in tissue paper.

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