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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The cricket kit

The sporty chic, fashionable term in the city these days, term disuse on the sports field. The world is as it is full of contradiction ... Well, anyway, it is always possible to go hit some flying in stylish outfit! The English had a whole arsenal dress cheap custom suits for every sports occasion. Tonight study the required cricket, easily reusable for example ... play croquet?
In short, all is mostly white! White, white! Practice at a time when games were replayed on black and white TVs and where the lawn appeared dark. But not pure white either. An off-white say English or white cream shirt, sweater knits, pants, socks, shoes etc ... Only the blazer that is slipped after the game, for tea, can be blue, even if the white blazer is a classic. He is also deputy tried the club colors.

Nevermind the shirt, approach the sweater. This has invariably a V-neck with colored trim, toned arms of the club, it is very important! It can be round or not. Then the centerpiece, double pleat pants and adjusters white flannel bespoke suit. Pants that the English call cricket flannels, or simply flannels as this term is the expression of the soft pants, wide, soft flannel. Today, the term refers sweat pants in white polyester for cricket ... unsavory.
This white flannel just became impossible to find. Nobody in product or imitations then serge. This is a vintage fabric to some, a cloth great value! I asked a few months ago in Gorina why not offer flannel such a 'color'. He had been told that for this it was necessary to clean the entire machine, those of wool carding, spinning for those, those to weave etc. ... In short, a cost and a monstrous time, for a fabric that would probably more than 200 € per meter and sell hard.
That said, I've heard this several times, hope is in the inventor of flannel, Fox Flannels home located in Somerset still produce such a reference. Phew!

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