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Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Hunt on Horseback in Your Suit?

The English are sporty people, and men often wore jackets while riding horseback or hunting.  Their jackets were designed with vents in the back that allowed the clothing to fall smoothly while riding a horse.  These jackets also contained hacking pockets, which were cut to make them easier to access while on horseback.  And speaking of pockets, some hunting jackets also were constructed with a variety of interior pockets.  These pockets could be large enough to hold small pheasants the hunter had bagged.  Modern suits also have numerous pockets, but they have been updated to hold more modern tools like wallets and cell phones.  Some early twentieth century suits had small front ticket pockets that commuters could place their train tickets in while commuting to work.  This feature is still found on modern jackets, but it mainly serves aesthetic purposes.

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