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Monday, April 22, 2013

A soft, quiet scholar cake - Joker Magic Shirt

The shirt is soft and the color type drunk boy case white silent record grain tannins, is the trend of sustainable SAN products this year, is still popular, but if you want to pay new idea to bring a feeling, also wants to work hard in collocation, the eyes stopped at all surprised

A different colored striped shirt tailored style costumes can bring a different temperament, tie-in pants and leisure can try wrapping edge without pulling pants flat breeze comical clown shoes comes to light.

Second, the most important man of the sun sent - Plan T colorful tide
If the child belongs to the sun's energy, all kinds of T - shirt suits him! Make a plan of "T wave" with a wonderful tidal dynamics sparks let this summer.

Three sexy circular motion - short develop comfortable breeze was
Sports stars like simple T - tool cuts, that is comfortable and attractive, if your boyfriend also belong sport shorts cake tools to do the "modeling portfolio" is absolutely the most members of the opposite sex appeal ! Sports men wear more casual, comfortable fit is the most important!

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