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Monday, October 22, 2012

White Shirt-Elite Men‘s Fashion

Three Kinds Of Temperament
Whether to wear for dress or work uniform,there is always a external charm of white dress shirts.To carry forward the shirt's charm ,we should know how to collocate the white shirt and suit to make yourself more spirited.
1.White collocated black woks the best.White shirt with black condole belt or black tie demonstrates a academic style.And also black shirt with white condole belt makes an extraordinary expression.A gray pant can be much of help in between.This wearing method gives a free staff feeling,like brokers,shoppers.Because black is not easy to be dirty and white in the out doors is not easy to stain,it is not necessary to change everyday.
2.Bold and unrestrained image is kind of playboy can wear a half dress    coat with a white shirt inside.But you don`t need to wear a tie and open the buttons to make it look like that you just went to a revelrt and continue the happy hour.A white shirt can't be magic,however collocated with a different color of coat,it would be brilliant.
3.Tight-fitting white shirt is sexy. Tight-fitting white shirt, wrapped in a strong build of the body tempts, if you have a beautiful chest , wearing a tight-fitting white shirt certainly will lead to a lot of envious eyes and is simply challenge others' nerves.
How to wear depends entirely on your personal taste and style, but remember do not wear dirty white men shirt, because it not only make a discount impression, but also is a waste of great potential of a white shirt.

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