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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reveal The Facts Of Ties

With the constant change of the tie, different line methods arise.To show grade ,high quality ties need the perfect tie knot, Whether you can wear a tie and using what kind of tie knot to collocate with what kind of shirt also embody man`s internal cultivation. CTDtailor provides for men tie method, collocation method and maintenance items and so on various aspects of professional advices

The History Of Ties
Ties originated in ancient Rome.The romans used to fasten a silk or cotton scarf in order to prevent sore throat.Then the scarf gradually developed into a role acting as a accessory decorating clothes.In 1686,King Louis formed a Croatia cavalry,each solider fastened a white linen scarf.King Louis also fastened a white scarf for the love to the cavalry and named them as cravat later.The french revolution brought tie custom to each class .From then on,the tie was no longer the symbol of noble origin and turned to be a representative for attending various social occasion as well as a representative of personality style of development journey.

The Length And Width Of The Tie
The length of the tie ranges from commonly 137cm to 145cm Standardized width of the tie is 9cm.But with the changing trend,ties become thin,5 cm tie is commonly seen.However,the width of ties still depends on the width of the collar and the shape of the shirt.

Attentions On Ties
1. Don`t leave space between shirt collar and tie knot.
2. When fasten a tie , you need press fingers on tie parts to modify the shape and firmness;
3. The bottom of the tie should just cover over top of trousers;
4 .Suggest use Tie bar (Tie Holder), it can fix Tie`s position,
5. If you want to attend an important dinner, it is recommended to use Collar button (Collar Bar) to highlight the noble and grade.

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