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Friday, June 21, 2013

Suits and Suitcoats for Men

A traditional, solid-colored bespoke suit  with matching trousers and coat can take on different looks for different occasions with a little care and creativity.
Have a hot date coming up? Change up your look by wearing your suit without a tie, or with a festively colored dress shirt. Or, try pairing your coat with slacks in a complementary color.
Keep in mind, wearing pieces of your suit unevenly (coat without the slacks, or vice versa) can cause the color to appear more worn in the piece that you wear more often. This is caused by a greater exposure to the sun, as well as the need to dry-clean one piece more than the other.
light and dark suit coats
Sportcoats for Men
If you have a sports jacket, the possibilities open even wider.
A sports jacket has the ability to make a casual look sleek and pulled together, while transforming into a more formal outfit by adding a cheap suits for men tie, slacks, and pocket square. Throw on a sports coat over a polo and chinos, and you’re now dressed casual enough to run errands around town, or stop by your favorite restaurant for dinner.
Be careful not to choose a pant too close in color to that of your sports coat. If the colors are too similar, you may end up looking like you accidentally chose the wrong pants for your coat.
Because sports coats do not have to match a pair of trousers, they are available in a multitude of fabrics, including: staid navy wool, camel hair, madras, corduroy, and plaid.
a man's navy blazer
The finishing buttons also range in varieties from plastic, brass, nickel, or low-key horn. Because sports coats are typically worn without a tie, interesting fabrics, buttons, and patch pockets help to add interest and style.

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