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Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Manage the Striped Custom Tailored Suits

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The striped suit always has timeless fashion, however, how to put on outgoing charm or pay attention to. Here to talk about how men like to hold live striped suits.
A set of three-piece suits, is full of majesty "very formal dress.
To add to their cool and chic, you can choose the brick-red checkered shirt to serious break this.
Of course, wearing a three-piece suit, but also according to the age of choice.
Older, you can choose plain and pinstripe suit, if you have not entered the ranks of the "uncle". Plain and exaggerated pattern suit may be more suitable for you.
The same time, dig deep collar than shallow open neckline, more young vigor and temperament.
So this moderate tone gray suit and the same color similar styles separate, the cut of the suit itself.
Tightening of the waist, and a small lapel, as well as standard fitting shape, stylish and dignified.
Strip can also watch with a striped suit. If you are a navy blue suit, consider beige dial; If you are a gray suit, you might consider a black dial.
A variety of color, in order to let the color of your body is not limited by the suit. Or elegant, or trip, it is necessary to look at your options.

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